Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today’s Achievements are Tomorrow’s Memories

Jonas is 6 months old already!  Wow.  Time goes by so quickly.  I get a little bit sad just thinking that it’s time to begin weaning baby from the breast.  uugghhh!  I don’t really want to.  For some reason I feel so attached to baby.  Weaning him makes me feel as though I won’t have a baby anymore who’s looking to me ONLY as him main source of food.  It just feels good to be needed!  I guess I will still be needed… He will still need someone to feed him—but since I work, I won’t be the main person :(  Life!  Just gotta deal with it.

DH got another side job!  I’m so happy.  His new job is going to help us be a little bit more stable AND I won’t have the pressure of needing to work more hours anymore.  Thank you God!

At 6 months, Jonas:

  • laughs and squeals and screams laugh
  • is SO LONG compared to before, he’s beginning to thin out
  • has scratched his face pretty bad 2 times already—I had to cut his nails even shorter
  • has scratched me pretty bad—hey, I’m getting on top of this nail-cutting thing!
  • has started solids (sweet potatoes, rice cereal, applesauce)
  • eats solids better if they’re not cold
  • still breastfeeds exclusively (thinking about switching to formula for the next 6 months? it’s very draining)
  • FINALLY is rolling around often.  I knew he could do it, but he just did it when he REALLY felt like it (which was almost never :))  Now he rolls more frequently while on the floor.
  • In the walker, he pushes the walker backwards and now he’s starting to push forward (just a little bit, yay!)
  • BABBLES like crazy in the mornings!
  • Groans when hungry or tired.
  • has been nasally congested since birth… more like has phlegm since birth.
  • sleeps through the night (8pm to 8pm)… he still wakes up in the middle of the night and I still feed him… but tonight he slept in his own crib, woke up and groaned/cried a little and I waited for a real cry… didn’t happen, went to sleep.
  • sleeps in his crib without fussing—yay!
  • recognizes his parents.
  • starts crying with strangers (I think it depends on his mood and only when they’re trying to hold him)
  • is loved a lot.
  • can stand while being held by both hands, when he bends, he’s able to get himself up again.
  • is learning to grasp balls, etc.  They end on the floor.
  • Never cried for bath time (after first bath from auntie :))
  • has woken up various times at night coughing and vomiting.
  • took his first medicine—pink it was.
  • said “la la la la”
  • likes raspberries (sound)
  • when in bed with us, tries to be close to both of us.

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  • When I start feeling like he’s scratching me, cut his nails shorter.
  • I haven’t babyproofed really yet… but I find myself aware of our surrounding even more now.  My plan is to keep cleaning the house and babyproofing along the way.
  • When he starts crying in the middle of the night, if he’s on his crib, let him fuss for a while and wait before going to him.
  • Baby is growing.  This is good.  Even though it’s a little sad to me.
  • HUMIDIFIER has helped his nasal congestion and mine (I didn’t even know I was affected until I started breathing better at night)

Father, thank you so much for my beautiful family.  Thank you for your protection in our lives.  Thank you for promising to always take care of us in our times of need and always.  Thank you for your grace and your wisdom and your peace… and Jesus.  I pray Lord for strength and wisdom for this next part of our journey.  Please help me to have your peace in my heart.  Help me to get my security from you and not people or things around me that change so frequently.  Help me to be happier, to see things around me in a lighter-non-offensive kind of way.  Not to take everything so personal.  Help me to be more loving.  We love you Lord.