Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jonas is eating :)

I was so wary of Jonas beginning to eat solids.

But now he’s on his way… growing and growing.

He eats his cereal.  I nurse still.  He eats fruit and veggies.

He likes sweet potatoes and pears and he LOVES his rice cereal.

He still has a nasal congestion (since birth)  I hope one day it goes away.

LESSON LEARNED:  I can give him his rice cereal mixed with the fruit.

I don’t have much milk left to pump so I bought some formula in case I’m not around and he’s hungry.

How dumb.  I threw away a formula that was mailed to me for free… because I didn’t want the ‘temptation’ to use formula instead of breastfeeding.  Hmm.  Bad choice… waste of money.

LESSON LEARNED:  Respect formulas, they’re expensive and may be necessary and easier to give than nursing…

Nursing takes SO MUCH out of me.  I wanted to gain weight.  Um.  Nursing doesn’t help in ANY WAY achieve this goal.

But, it is what is best for my baby.  I believe for the first 6 months—yes.  After this, introducing some formula when needed will not hurt.

Yay!  My breasts want a break!