Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jonas was sick…

My baby had the cold… and then I had the cold… then we both had it together… and can you believe it?  Daddy was fine and healthy.  Strong man he is.

Well, my fear with Jonas getting sick is that he would not be able to breathe.  When I can’t breathe, I get so ANNOYED!

At the beginning of the cold, he was very fussy.  Anytime we put him down, he would cry.  I think it got harder to breathe when laying down.  He began with a small fever, 100.4.  He lost his voice.  It was cute to watch him utter his grunts and they sounded sick.  He had a lot to cough out, but he didn’t know to cough it out or to sniff out the mucus.  I just watched, heard, was alert… but there was not much I could do.

I didn’t give him Tylenol.  I was waiting to see if the fever got higher, it didn’t.  I was waiting to see if he was in any kind of pain or real uncomfortability he was fine.  He was a good sick baby.  Better than I thought he was going to be.

We’re still getting over the cold.  All we have left is some coughing here and there.

Lessons to be learned:  AVOID GETTING SICK

-WASH MY HANDS ALL THE TIME (to avoid others’ germs and avoid passing them)

-Eat well, Drink well, Sleep well.

-Avoid touching my face too much.

-At the first sign of a cold, drink tea with ginger and lemon.  (I heard it helped get rid of the cold… I want to try it).

If I do get sick, since no matter what I do sometimes we’ll still get sick…

-Stay home, drink soup, rest.  This helps me heal quicker.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in such a cold place… so that I don’t get sick that much.  But in someway… in some weird way… I believe it’s a blessing.  Thank you God.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Laughter Is So Good...

My baby laughs everytime I sing "the wheels on the bus"... I emphasize and exaggerate every word. He loves it!

I love to hear him laugh! He's soooo cute!

Raspberries make him laugh...

Any kind of sillyness, really.

I was thinking today how MUCH FUN I had as a young girl.

In DR, I played so many games all day. Games such as: Hopscotch, Yun, La Latica (Hide n' Seek), Marishal Pasando Lista (Marshall Taking Attendance), cops and robbers... So much fun!

When I came to America I was upset that now I was mostly inside 4 walls- BORING!
TV became the thing to do because there was nothing else to do. Unbelievable!

I dreaded becoming an adult. It seemed as though they took EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY! They looked boring... not too much laughter in their lives.

Then I started working full time... there hardly was any time to have just much fun after college.

I need laughter in my life... I think I need to focus on just building friendships with the people in my life. Then maybe, we'll get adventurous some times.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spoiling My Baby? Or Loving My Baby? Part 2

What I've learned is:

When I answered my baby's cries and tried to meet all of his needs...
Baby was happier (me too) and cried less.


He slept with me on the bed... I fed him when he wanted to be fed... I held him when he cried and tried to figure out what was wrong.
In every instance, I've learned that he always cried for something... He wasn't trying to 'play' me at all.

Now at 4 months, he sleeps 10 hours a day! I'm glad. But he was always a baby that knew the difference between day and night since he's always slept longer at night.

He wasn't like this the day we came from the hospital. He cried when I was just trying to change his diaper. When I decided to meet his needs no matter how 'inconvenient' it was for me, I guess he began trusting me that I would meet all of his needs... and voila, what a great baby.

Even now that he cries more that before... I notice he still always cries for a reason... he's hungry, tired, needs diaper changed...

Now, do I think I've found the perfect formula to raise great, no crying babies?? NO! I've asked around and have learned that Every baby is different... they have their own personalities.

Hey, maybe he took after me... I didn't really cry much when I was a baby.
Who knows if my next baby will be a crier even if I'm meeting all his/her needs?
I hope this is the formula: love, meet baby's needs willingly= happy baby

I'll find out after my next baby. GOD WILLING.