Friday, September 3, 2010

My Baby Mya!


My pregnancy with Mya

Was not that comfortable… compared to my first pregnancy.

I went to my friends’ wedding and I thought I’d be able to ‘dance all night’ like I did with my first… but, no.  I was so uncomfortable and crampy, I couldn’t dance much at all.

I was so crampy by the last month.  So uncomfortable.  I’d be walking and suddenly I’d get a strong cramp on one side of my hip.  I’d have to hold on to someone or something.  I felt so handicapped.  I was afraid to do anything… lift, even walk at times, thinking I’d get the cramp.

Mya was due June 30th.  She was born a day after—July 1st.  I secretly did pray it was in July… (thank you God).  I just wanted her in July because Jonas was in August… so they’re right next to each other :)  Maybe the next one will come in June… just kidding.  Ok, maybe not.

My water did not brake first this time around.  I felt like a new mom, asking people ‘how does it feel when you’re in labor?’  ‘How will I know I’m in labor if my water doesn’t brake?’  Lesson learned:  Umm.  People forget so easily.  Well, people like me.  The doc said this is why women keep having children :).

The answer to my questions:  You’ll KNOW when you’re in labor. 

I kept hearing that the 2nd baby comes faster.  My fear was that I’d be in labor, not know it, and then have the baby without an expert around.  :D  and then my midwife said:  “you’ve been watching too much t.v.”  Yeah.  You know that show ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’?… I don’t watch it anymore.

Labor with Mya

So, I knew I was in labor when at 1 a.m. I’m feeling contractions but they’re not stopping… they continue around every 5-10 min and they’re stronger than my ‘cramps’.  So, I get up, and call the nurse to let her know and to remind me when I should go to the hospital.  I just have to wait until the pain is so strong that I can’t talk during a contraction.  I think knowing this, I started thinking that I couldn’t talk anymore during a contraction :0  Well, I waited until the pain got stronger.  I couldn’t sleep… so I cleaned and asked DH to help me some.  And so I was awake and ready in the middle of the night.  I couldn’t believe my husband was sleeping.  I thought he should be chatting with me.  So I felt neglected.  (I was so energized, emotional, and sensitive).  Not sleeping ended up being a BIG MISTAKE!

Okay so I go to the hospital around 6-7 a.m.  I’m eventually told that (although I’m having consistent contractions every 5-7 min) I’m not really in labor yet.  These contractions didn’t get ‘closer’ like my first pregnancy… they continued 5-7 min.  They just felt really strong when they did come.  So the nurse asks me to go for a walk around Boston (where the hospital was located) or go watch a movie etc.  since I wasn’t dilating.  YEAH RIGHT!  I was crying the whole time mainly in between contractions because I wanted to sleep.  I was sooo sleepy I couldn’t think, and I didn’t want to go through labor or watch a movie… I just wanted to sleep.  So I asked the nurse if I could just go home so I could sleep… and she says no… since they never know how fast I may be ready. 

I ended up just staying in the hospital… I had some nurses who talked her out of her ideas… and to let me sleep some.

I wanted an epidural right away so I could sleep (I knew I would have it), but they said they don’t give epidurals until I’m 4 cm dilated.  Dang, I still had to go through pain to give birth :)  I learned how to relax (I call it ‘take the pain without screaming-just grit your teeth’ :))… Water helped me—I’m not sure why… and helped me dilate faster… in both pregnancies.

At 5 cm. epidural was given… and I slept a bit.  Yay!

I gave birth to Mya at 8:38 p.m.  And I recovered in a room # 838… hmm.  weird.  I guess she was out in 2 pushes… I think 5 min.  I guess this is impressive, but it just seems normal to me.  There was a teeny bit of meconium, so she didn’t come out right into my arms… she came and first was thoroughly cleaned by docs.  I thought they were taking too long, so I started telling them to ‘give me my baby’… lol, I’m silly.

Mya wasn’t so alert… she was sleepy.  She sleeps a lot.  She always sleeps… I was trying to wake her up in the beginning to try and feed her in the middle of the night.  Today… at 2 mths, I’m proud to say she sleeps from around 9 p.m. to around 5 a.m. (give or take an hour) and she’s growing very well:)… thank you God.

Wait… I think she just woke up (12:40 am).  Hmm.  There goes my boast of her sleeping through the night :) 

Lesson learned:  It doesn’t always go as you plan… or… once you think you got a routine down, it changes on ya… or… once you think they sleep through the night… they don’t  :)

I love my little girl. 

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Miguel Rone said...

Mya, God forbid that one day we know, as I think it will be soon before I leave this world ... Your Grandpa who loves you ... Michael Rone