Sunday, November 2, 2008


Baby is too young to go "trick-or-treating"...
However, I can't help but think about what it would be like when he is older.
Would we enjoy this holiday or not? I've read the why yes and why nots...

I'd like to take my child trick-or-treating. I did it when younger and it was a lot of fun. I just liked dressing up and getting candy.

I definitely do not want to in any way celebrate demons and witchcraft, etc. I'm not sure that going and getting some candy tells the world that I agree with the darkness and evil deeds. Any holiday can be used to do wrong things... I'm thinking it's all about our hearts...

I believe, that as a Christian, I am free... but that I need to use my freedom to do good.
I don't believe that dressing up and getting candy tell people that I'm on the side of evilness... or that I hinder them from believing in Christ.
I believe this holiday does in some way celebrate evil... but why not use this day to do good? I could share my faith... make sure that my child dresses up in good costumes, not evil...
Now about the candy... I'm thinking I don't want my son enjoying too much candy. It just doesn't do kids well to eat too much candy I think.

Well... I could do both decisions (yes or no) and be okay.

I'll choose next year... I don't want to say something today and change what I say later on.

Til' next year...

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