Saturday, December 6, 2008

Laughter Is So Good...

My baby laughs everytime I sing "the wheels on the bus"... I emphasize and exaggerate every word. He loves it!

I love to hear him laugh! He's soooo cute!

Raspberries make him laugh...

Any kind of sillyness, really.

I was thinking today how MUCH FUN I had as a young girl.

In DR, I played so many games all day. Games such as: Hopscotch, Yun, La Latica (Hide n' Seek), Marishal Pasando Lista (Marshall Taking Attendance), cops and robbers... So much fun!

When I came to America I was upset that now I was mostly inside 4 walls- BORING!
TV became the thing to do because there was nothing else to do. Unbelievable!

I dreaded becoming an adult. It seemed as though they took EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY! They looked boring... not too much laughter in their lives.

Then I started working full time... there hardly was any time to have just much fun after college.

I need laughter in my life... I think I need to focus on just building friendships with the people in my life. Then maybe, we'll get adventurous some times.

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