Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jonas was sick…

My baby had the cold… and then I had the cold… then we both had it together… and can you believe it?  Daddy was fine and healthy.  Strong man he is.

Well, my fear with Jonas getting sick is that he would not be able to breathe.  When I can’t breathe, I get so ANNOYED!

At the beginning of the cold, he was very fussy.  Anytime we put him down, he would cry.  I think it got harder to breathe when laying down.  He began with a small fever, 100.4.  He lost his voice.  It was cute to watch him utter his grunts and they sounded sick.  He had a lot to cough out, but he didn’t know to cough it out or to sniff out the mucus.  I just watched, heard, was alert… but there was not much I could do.

I didn’t give him Tylenol.  I was waiting to see if the fever got higher, it didn’t.  I was waiting to see if he was in any kind of pain or real uncomfortability he was fine.  He was a good sick baby.  Better than I thought he was going to be.

We’re still getting over the cold.  All we have left is some coughing here and there.

Lessons to be learned:  AVOID GETTING SICK

-WASH MY HANDS ALL THE TIME (to avoid others’ germs and avoid passing them)

-Eat well, Drink well, Sleep well.

-Avoid touching my face too much.

-At the first sign of a cold, drink tea with ginger and lemon.  (I heard it helped get rid of the cold… I want to try it).

If I do get sick, since no matter what I do sometimes we’ll still get sick…

-Stay home, drink soup, rest.  This helps me heal quicker.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in such a cold place… so that I don’t get sick that much.  But in someway… in some weird way… I believe it’s a blessing.  Thank you God.

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